New releases

  • Diabetes prevalence in Australia: detailed estimates for 2007-08

    This report presents the most up-to-date estimates of the number of people with diagnosed diabetes in Australia based on self-reports to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2007–08 National Health Survey.
    Published 30 June 2011.

  • Expenditure on health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 2008–09

    In 2008–09, total health expenditure for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people was estimated at $3,700 million. The average health expenditure per person for Indigenous Australians was $6,787, compared with $4,876 for each non-Indigenous Australian.
    Published 24 June 2011.

  • Diabetes and poor mental health and wellbeing: an exploratory analysis

    Diabetes and poor mental health and wellbeing are both common health conditions in Australia and contribute substantially to the overall burden of disease. A large proportion of people with diabetes are also living with poor mental health and wellbeing, with 41.6% of adult Australians with diabetes also reporting medium, high or very high levels of psychological distress.
    Published 23 June 2011.

  • National Opioid Pharmacotherapy Statistics Annual Data collection: 2010 report

    On a snapshot day in 2010 there were 46,078 clients who received pharmacotherapy for opioid dependence, of which almost two in three were male. This was an overall increase of just over 2,600 clients since 2009.
    Published 22 June 2011.

  • End-stage kidney disease in Australia: total incidence, 2003–2007

    This report presents a new method for counting the total incidence of end-stage kidney disease which also includes those not treated with dialysis or transplant. This method indicates that for every new case treated with dialysis or transplant there is one that is not, although the vast majority of these are elderly.
    Published 21 June 2011.

  • Key indicators of progress for chronic disease and associated determinants: data report

    With preventive health now a major focus of health reform in Australia, this report provides information about the prevalence of those chronic diseases for which behavioural changes, or increased screening practices, can reduce onset, assist in management, or prevent death.
    Published 20 June 2011.

  • Prevalence of Type 1 diabetes in Australian children, 2008

    This report presents, for the first time, estimates of the prevalence of Type 1 diabetes in children aged 0–14 years, based on Australia’s National Diabetes Register data.
    Published 17 June 2011.

  • Housing assistance in Australia 2011

    This compendium-style publication provides readers with information about housing assistance in each segment of the housing sector: government, not-for-profit and private.
    Published 15 June 2011.

  • The health of Australia’s males

    Drawing on a wide range of data sources, this report provides a snapshot of the health of Australia’s males as a distinct population group. It also sets the scene for future reporting and research
    Published 14 June 2011.

  • Young Australians: their health and wellbeing 2011

    This report is the fourth in a series of national statistical reports on young people aged 12–24 years. It provides the latest available information on how Australia’s young people are faring according to a set of national indicators of health and wellbeing.
    Published 10 June 2011