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The AIHW collects annual statistics on all finalised adoptions in Australia. These data are provided by the state and territory departments responsible for adoptions, according to definitions and technical specifications agreed to by those departments and the AIHW.

The Adoptions Australia series presents the latest data each year on adoptions of children from Australia and overseas, and highlights important trends. It also includes information on the characteristics of adopted children, adoptive families and birth mothers, and access to information by parties to an adoption. See Adoptions publications for the latest publication or previous editions.

Each state and territory government in Australia has its own legislation, policies and practices regarding adoption. They are responsible for processing adoption applications and approving prospective adoptive parents. The Australian Government Attorney-General's Department has primary responsibility for managing Australia's intercountry adoption programs, and works closely with the state and territory governments to manage these programs.

Information on adopting a child may be obtained from state and territory departments responsible for adoption, Intercountry Adoption Australia and the Australian Attorney-Generals department website. Visa and citizenship information, for parents adopting a child from outside Australia, is available from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.