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The AIHW and its collaborating units have published a range of information on the safety and quality of health care in Australia. The publications linked below are the latest examples that encompass information related to one or more of the National Health Performance Framework dimensions relating to safety and quality.

Most of these publications include statistics related to health care safety and quality within a wider range of information focused on a type of health care provider (for example, hospitals), a type of disease or health condition (for example, cardiovascular disease), or the health of a population group (for example, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders). Australia's Health 2008 (AIHW 2008) presents summary information covering all these components.

Publications focusing on health care provision

2004 Adult Vaccination Survey: summary results (2005)

A set of performance indicators across the health and aged care system (878KB PDF) (2008)

Assisted reproduction technology in Australia and New Zealand 2006 (2008)

Australian hospital statistics 2007-08 (2009)

BreastScreen Australia monitoring report 2005-06 (2009)

Cervical screening in Australia 2007-2008 (2010)

Changes in pathology ordering by GPs in Australia 1998 to 2001 (2003)

Elective surgery in Australia: new measures of access (2008)

General practice in Australia, health priorities and policies 1998 to 2008 (2009)

How we manage stroke in Australia (2006)

Maternal deaths in Australia 2003-2005 (2008)

Measuring and reporting mortality in hospital patients (2009)

Mental health services in Australia 2006-07 (2009)

National Bowel Cancer Screening Program: annual monitoring report 2009 (2009)

Pathways through aged care services: a first look (2009)

Refining national asthma indicators: Delphi survey and correlation analysis (2009)

Reporting of adverse events in routinely collected data sets in Australia (2001)

Reproductive health indicators Australia 2002 (2003)

Sentinel events in Australian public hospitals 2004-05 (2007)

Towards national indicators of safety and quality in health care (2009)

Trends in access to dental care among Australian children (2009)

Publications focusing on a disease or health condition

A guide to Australian eye health data, 2nd edition (2009)

A picture of rheumatoid arthritis in Australia (2009)

An overview of chronic kidney disease in Australia, 2009 (2009)

Asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other respiratory diseases in Australia (2010)

Breast cancer in Australia: an overview, 2009 (2009)

Cancer survival and prevalence in Australia: Cancers diagnosed from 1982 to 2004 (2008)

Cardiovascular disease mortality: trends at different ages (2010)

Chronic respiratory diseases in Australia: Their prevalence, consequences and prevention (2005)

Diabetes prevalence in Australia: an assessment of national data sources (2009)

Impact of falling cardiovascular disease death rates: deaths delayed and years of life extended (2009)

Impairments and disability associated with arthritis and osteoporosis (2007)

Insulin-treated diabetes in Australia 2000-2007 (2009)

Oral health of adults in the public dental sector (2008)

Ovarian cancer in Australia: an overview, 2010 (2010)

Prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and chronic kidney disease: targeting risk factors (2010)

The problem of osteoporotic hip fracture in Australia (2010)

Publications focusing on the health of a population group

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Performance Framework 2008 report: detailed analyses (2009)

Asthma among older people in Australia (2010)

Asthma in Australian children: findings from Growing up in Australia, the longitudinal study of Australian children (2009)

Australia's mothers and babies 2007 (2009)

Cardiovascular disease and its associated risk factors in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 2004-05 (2008)

Dental health of Australia's teenagers and pre-teen children: The Child Dental Health Survey, Australia 2003-04 (2010)

Making progress: the health, development and wellbeing of Australia's children and young people (2008)

Oral health and access to dental care - migrants in Australia (2005)

Oral health and access to dental care - older adults (2005)

Risk of invasive breast cancer in women diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ in Australia between 1995 and 2005 (2010)

Rural, regional and remote health: indicators of health system performance (2008)

The health and welfare of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 2008 (2008)

The health of Australia's prisoners 2009 (2010)

Women and heart disease: cardiovascular profile of women in Australia (2010)