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Whatever the gains that have been achieved in Australia’s health, there will always be room for improvement and lots more to find out about. Information activities the AIHW is working on include:

  • Several large-scale projects that draw together several data sources to show how older people (including those with dementia) interact with a variety of health services over time.
  • Expanding the MyHospitals website to include information about cancer treatment services and cancer surgery waiting times; and continually updating MyHospitals data as they become available.
  • Using data from the new national registration systems for health professionals to better report on the health workforce, particularly smaller professions.
  • A 2012 Prisoner Health Census that will capture, for the first time, information about the health of prisoners as they are released, allowing us to compare the health status of this group with that of prison entrants.
  • Developing a national minimum data set on public dental waiting times that will support the collection of data for a previously unreported performance indicator in the National Healthcare Agreement.
  • Working with the Department of Health and Ageing and other health departments to develop key performance indicators on Indigenous primary health care services that receive government funding. This will allow analysis of service activities and their relationship to health outcomes, underpinning efforts to close the gap.

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