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Cancer screening programs aim to reduce illness and death resulting from cancer through an organised approach to screening. Australia has three cancer screening programs:

Measures of participation in cancer screening programs tell us how many people participate in these programs, and whether factors such as remoteness, socioeconomic area or Indigenous status mean that people are more likely to miss out on the benefits of screening.

High participation in cancer screening programs is needed to reap the greatest benefits in terms of reducing illness and death from these cancers.

graphic showing 5 in 10 women

More than 5 in 10

women (55%) aged 50–74 had a mammogram through BreastScreen Australia in the last 2 years.

graphic showing 6 in 10 women

Nearly 6 in 10

women (56%) aged 20–69 had a Pap test in the last 2 years.

4 in 10 people

Nearly 4 in 10

people (39%) aged 50–74 who were invited in the last 2 years participated in the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program.

Cancer screening publications from AIHW