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1 in 10

Australian adults (10%)—approximately 1.7 million people in 2011–12—had biomedical signs of chronic kidney disease (CKD).

1.7 million

hospitalisations were associated with CKD (principal and/or additional diagnosis) in 2014–15, that is 17% of all hospitalisations in Australia. 80% of which were for regular dialysis.

1 in 9

Australian deaths had CKD as the underlying and/or associated cause of death, that is 16,500 in 2014.


among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people compared with non-Indigenous Australians for CKD hospitalisations (excluding dialysis) and 4 times as high for CKD deaths.


in Remote and very remote areas compared with Major cities for CKD hospitalisation rates excluding dialysis.


in the lowest socioeconomic group compared with the highest for CKD hospitalisations excluding dialysis.


This information was last updated in December 2016.