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Chronic kidney disease is a common and serious problem that places a large burden on the Australian healthcare system. It is associated with several other chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease and is a significant contributor to mortality in Australia.

This page presents the latest statistics on CKD in Australia.

Chronic kidney disease: the facts

1 in 10 deaths were CKD related

1 in 10

deaths in 2007 were CKD-related.

1 in 7 hospitalisations were for dialysis

1 in 7

hospitalisations in Australia in 2007–08 were for dialysis.

1 in 25 Australians have diabetes

1 in 25

Australians have diagnosed diabetes—a major cause of end-stage kidney disease (ESKD).

3 times more people using dialysis


more people were being treated with dialysis in 2009 than in 1991.

1 in 2 cases of ESKD treated

1 in 2

cases of ESKD is treated with dialysis or transplant.

6 times as many Indigenous people with ESKD


as many Indigenous Australians were treated for ESKD in 2008 compared to non-Indigenous Australians.

1 in 3 Australians have high blood pressure

1 in 3

Australians aged over 25 have high blood pressure—a key risk factor for CKD.

2/3 CKD expenditure is for dialysis


of total CKD expenditure is spent on dialysis. That's nearly $600 million.