Speak out speak strong: rising imprisonment rates of Aboriginal women

The New South Wales Aboriginal Justice Advisory Council has recently completed a research project examining the rising imprisonment rates of Aboriginal women in NSW. The study was conducted as a result of concerns of increasing and disproportionate numbers of Aboriginal women coming into contact with the criminal justice system. Also of significant concern was the lack of qualitative information about Aboriginal women within the criminal justice system. This article examines these issues and analyses significant findings from the report. (Journal abstract, edited)
Author(s) Lawrie, R
Source In: Indigenous Law Bulletin 1328-5475 v. 5 no. 24 Apr - May 2003 5-7
Document type Journal article
Subject(s) Culture, Women, Indigenous Australians, Disadvantaged groups, Prisoners, Justice, Causal factors, Prisons
URL http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/journals/ILB/2003/24.html