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Diabetes dashboard 1: 1 in 20 Australians have diabetes PNG

1 in 20

Australian adults (5%), about 917,000 people, had diabetes in 2011–12, based on self-reported and measured data.

Diabetes dashboard 2: types of diabetes pie chart PNG


people started using insulin in 2014 to treat their diabetes.

Diabetes dashboard 3: diabetes caused 9% of all hospitalisations PNG


hospitalisations—9% of all hospitalisations in 2013–14—where diabetes was the principal and/or additional diagnosis.

Diabetes dashboard 4: diabetes associated with 1 in 10 deaths PNG

1 in 10

or 15,095 Australian deaths in 2012, recorded diabetes as an underlying or associated cause of death.

Diabetes dashboard 5: Indigenous diabetes rates were 3 x as high PNG

3 times as high

diabetes death rates among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians compared with non-Indigenous Australians.

Diabetes dashboard 6: diabetes death rates were 2 x as high among the lowest socioeconomic group PNG

2 times as high

diabetes death rates in the lowest socioeconomic group compared with the highest group.

This information was last updated in May 2016.