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Disability data cubes are available for subsets of data from the Disability Services National Minimum Data Set (DS NMDS) collection. Prior to January 2009 this dataset was known as the Commonwealth State/Territory Disability Agreement National Minimum Data Set (CSTDA NMDS).

What is a cube?

A data cube is a multidimensional representation of data which provides fast retrieval and drill down facilities.

How do I use the cubes?

When a data cube is opened default dimensions are shown. To view other dimensions right-click on the dimension you want to replace and select the 'Change' item. For example to replace sex with country of birth right-click on sex and select 'Change Sex to'. Then select 'Country of birth' from the list.

To add row totals and column totals or subtotals to the cube right-click anywhere on the cube and select 'Total'. In the 'Insert' section of the dialogue box select the type of total to add and click 'Ok'.

To hide dimensions right-click on the dimension name and select the 'Hide' menu item.

How do I export data from cubes?

The data can be exported either to Excel or Word. Right click the table area and select 'Export table' from the menu. Choose how many rows you want to export, and whether to export to Excel or Word or save as a tab or comma separated file. Give the file a name and save it in the directory of your choosing.

What data do the cubes contain?

The DS NMDS cubes contain service user level data. Service user data are estimates after use of a statistical linkage key to account for individuals who used services from more than one service type outlet during the collection period.

More information on the data items in the data cubes are contained in the associated DS NMDS collection materials or METeOR.

What cubes are available?

Available cubes are listed below. 

Note that, as part of the DS NMDS  process, from 2007–08 jurisdictions can revise their data for the previous year at the time of submitting their current year. For example, for the 2012–13 reporting cycle, revised 2011–12 data could be submitted when supplying the 2012–13 data. Reasons for resubmission include data updates or subsequent discovery of data errors. For this reason, data presented here may not match that presented in published reports for those years in which data has been revised.

Note: Cubes open in new window.

2013-14 DS NMDS service user data 

2012–13 DS NMDS service user data

2011–12 DS NMDS service user data (revised September 2014)

2010–11 DS NMDS service user data (revised September 2014)

2009–10 DS NMDS service user data (revised September 2014)

2008–09 CSTDA NMDS service user data (revised September 2014)

2007–08 CSTDA NMDS service user data (revised September 2014)

2006–07 CSTDA NMDS service user data

2005–06 CSTDA NMDS service user data

2004–05 CSTDA NMDS service user data

2003–04 CSTDA NMDS user data

More information

Disability publications include more detailed information about NDA services in Australia.

Additional disaggregation of data may be requested via a customised data request. The length of time it takes to complete a request depends on a number of factors and a charge may apply to recover costs.