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Access to embargoed AIHW material is reserved for journalists belonging to mainstream media organisations only. Embargoed access will not be granted to any other organisations or members of the public.

Media releases, publications and other products are provided to the media with a 48-hour embargo. This gives journalists time to read relevant parts of the material, interview the spokesperson, and produce an authoritative article/news item of reasonable depth.
In certain circumstances, the media embargo period may be reduced to 24-hours.

How do I obtain a media copy of a report?

Journalists from mainstream media organisations wishing to obtain an embargoed copy of an AIHW report, or to be added to the AIHW's pre-release distribution list, should email or contact a member of the Digital and Media Communications Unit.

Embargo terms and conditions 

The AIHW embargo policy prohibits any broadcast, news wire service or Internet transmission of text or information about any AIHW publication or media release before the stated release time.

The AIHW embargo policy also prohibits any communication of the contents of the publication or media release or any comment on its forecasts or conclusions to any outside party before the stated release time.

The penalty for breaking an AIHW media embargo is 6 months suspension of access to embargoed materials.

Acceptance of these sanctions is a condition under which journalists are provided access to embargoed information.