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AIHW Ethics committee members

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Ethics Committee (the Committee) is established under section 16(1) of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Act 1987. The Committee is required to advise on the ethical acceptability of AIHW activities involving information which can identify a person ('identifiable data'). The Committee considers applications:

  • by external researchers for access to identifiable data held by the AIHW which they wish to link with their research data;
  • by AIHW units and collaborating units to commence new collections of unit record data or to change the scope of content of existing collections;
  • by AIHW units and collaborating units to link datasets for the purposes of analysis; and,
  • for data integration on behalf of other agencies.

Refer to the AIHW Ethics Committee: Background and practices for members (75KB DOC) for further information.

2016 meeting dates

Meeting Date Submissions deadline*
1st quarter meeting 1 March 2016 25 January 2016
2nd quarter meeting 17 May 2016 11 April 2016
3rd quarter meeting 16 August 2016 11 July 2016
4th quarter meeting 15 November 2016 10 October 2016

*Submissions deadlines apply to applications, requests for amendment, monitoring reports and other correspondence.

Lodging applications to the Committee

Information on lodging an application to the Committee is available in EthOS (Ethics Online System).

Please note

Only applications which satisfy Committee requirements, and are received by the relevant meeting deadline, will be presented to the Committee for consideration.

It is the Principal Investigator's responsibility to ensure applications are prepared to the appropriate standard.

For further information contact the Ethics Manager on email or 02 6249 5004.

Projects approved by the Committee

Further information

For further information regarding the AIHW Ethics Committee, contact the Ethics Manager on email or (02) 6249 5004.