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Release date Publication title
2 June Housing Assistance in Australia 2016 (web)
8 June Disability support services: services provided under the National Disability Agreement 2014–15 (report + web update)
9 June Nursing and midwifery workforce 2015 (web update)
10 June Medications used by Australia's prisoners: how is it different from the community? 2015
15 June Alcohol and other drug treatment services in Australia 2014–15 (report + SAS VA web)
16 June Childrens headline indicators update (SAS VA web)
17 June Back problems, associated comorbidities and risk factors (web pages)
28 June Monitoring the health impacts of mandatory folic acid and iodine fortification
29 June NFPAC national child protection indicators reporting 2015-16 cycle (SAS VA web)


Release date Publication title
1 July Release of cancer screening participation data 2014–2015 (web)
4 July Peripartum hysterectomy—National Maternity Data Development Project
5 July Hospitalised poisoning injuries in children and young people 2012–13
11 July Use of medicines by older people with type 2 diabetes
13 July Skin cancer
14 July Musculoskeletal conditions as underlying and associated causes of death
19 July National Core Maternity Indicators stage 3 and 4 / results from 2010–2013 (report + SAS VA web)[Moved from 30 June for operational reasons]
20 July National Bowel Cancer Screening Program monitoring report 2016
21 July Indigenous specific measures tool 5th release (SAS VA  web)
22 July Young people returning to sentenced youth justice supervision 2016
25 July Mental health services in Australia / tranche 3 2016 (web)
26 July Residential aged care 2014–15 (web report)
27 July OECD health care quality indicators for Australia 2015
29 July Hospital resources 2013–14: Australian hospital statistics
29 July Non-admitted patient care 2014–15: Australian hospital statistics
29 July Australia’s hospitals 2014-15—at a glance
29 July Hospital spotlights reports (web)


Release date Publication title
2 Aug Diabetes indicators update (web)
16 Aug Impacts of back problems
18 Aug Exploring transitions between homelessness and drug treatment
22 Aug NACDC Aged care regional aged care profile (webpage and SAS VA dynamic data display release)
23 Aug Chronic airways disease risk factors & comorbidities (web report)
26 Aug Older Australians at a glance (web)
29 Aug Perinatal data portal module 4: birth outcomes (SAS VA web)
31 Aug Youth justice in Australia 2014–15 Stage 2 (fact sheets + web)