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July–August 2016
Release datePublication titleComments
TBCNational Opioid Pharmacotherapy Statistics Annual Data Collection (NOPSAD) 2016 (web report) 
26 JulyResidential aged care and Home Care 2014–15 (web report) 
27 JulyOECD health-care quality indicators for Australia 2015 
29 JulyAustralia's hospitals 2014–15 at a glance 
29 JulyHospital resources 2014–15: Australian hospital statistics 
29 JulyNon-admitted patient care 2014–15: Australian hospital statistics 
TBCAustralia's hospitals 2014–15 at a glance (web) 
5 AugustAustralian burden of disease study: supplementary tables (web data release) 
8 AugustDiabetes indicators, Australia (web report update) 
TBCImpacts of chronic back problems 
TBCExploring drug treatment and homelessness in Australia 
TBCNACDC Aged care regional aged care profile (webpage and SASVA dynamic data display) 
TBCChronic airways disease risk factors & comorbidities (web report) 
TBCOlder Australians at a glance (web) 
TBCComparisons between Australian and international youth justice systems 2014–15 
TBCComparisons between the youth and adult justice systems 2014–15 
TBCFirst entry to youth justice supervision 2014–15 
TBCRemoteness, socioeconomic position and youth justice supervision 2014–15 
TBCTrends in youth justice supervision to 2014–15 
TBCTypes of community-based youth justice supervision 2014–15 
TBCYoung people in sentenced detention 2014–15 
TBCYoung people in unsentenced detention 2014–15 
TBCYouth detention entries and exits 2014–15 
TBCYouth justice orders and supervision periods 2014–15 
TBCYouth justice supervision history 2014–15 
TBCAustralia's health 2016—in brief 
TBCHospitals spotlight reports x 5 (web)