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Health expenditure occurs when money is spent on health goods and services. This spending occurs at different levels of government, as well as by non-government entities such as private health insurers and individuals.

Important issues regarding health expenditure include:

  • Who finances the health system and where are the funds directed?
  • How much on average, is spent on health for each Australian?
  • At what rate is Australia's health bill growing each year?
  • How fast are health prices rising and how does this compare with general inflation?
  • How much investment is there in health facilities and equipment?

These questions are answered in the publication Health expenditure Australia.

Our national health expenditure data collection includes data from 1985–86. Detailed data by state and territory are available from 1996–97.


25 years of health expenditure in Australia: 1989–90 to 2013–14, released February 2016.

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