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The AIHW is committed to ensuring fair and timely reporting on the performance of health care organisations in Australia. To enable us to do this we produce data plans. These plans outline the data we require over a set period of time, which we can then analyse and interpret to produce national performance reports. The AIHW is also committed to using established national data collections and the Three-Year Rolling Data Plans list the national collections it will use to report on the comparable performance of health care organisations.


These data plans refer to the National Health Performance Authority (NHPA). From 1 July 2016, activities related to these data plans are the responsibility of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

Current Plan

Data plan 2015–16 to 2017–18

The latest Three-year Rolling Data Plan, for the period 2015–16 to 2017–18, has come into effect after being considered by health ministers in mid-2015.

Previous Plans

Data plan 2014–15 to 2016–17

Data plan 2013–14 to 2015–16

Interim Data plan 2012–2013

Last updated: 1 July 2016