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This page refers to the Performance and Accountability Framework, an intergovernmental document that assigned various reporting responsibilities to the former National Health Performance Authority. From 1 July 2016, activities related to reporting against the indicators contained in the Framework are the responsibility of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

The NHHN Agreement reshaped the flow of data by providing a new mechanism by which states and the Commonwealth are required to provide data to the Authority. Clause B93 of the Agreement requires that “the Commonwealth and the States provide the national bodies (including the Authority) with the data the national bodies determine is required to carry out their functions in accordance with their data plans”.

In order to streamline the data reporting obligations of the states and territories, private hospitals and Medicare Locals, existing data sources and existing data supply pathways will be utilised as much as possible. The Standing Council on Health will continue to rationalise reporting required from the states, territories, private hospitals and Medicare Locals.

10.1 - Roles and responsibilities of the Commonwealth

10.1.1 Australian Bureau of Statistics

The Authority requires data from the ABS including health-related datasets such as the Patient Experience Survey and other demographic data that will be used to add context to the Reports. Thus, the Authority will seek this data from the ABS.

10.1.2 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

The AIHW has been the central repository for health data that has been submitted by the states under the National Health Information Agreement (NHIA).

The AIHW will continue to be responsible for producing the health-related publications it currently produces, including the biennial Australia’s Health publication that analyses health-system performance at the jurisdictional level. The AIHW will also continue to provide performance indicator data for the CRC, to report performance indicators for Health Ministers using the Health Performance Framework, provide indicators and/or data for the Report on Government Services and to produce and publish Australian Hospital Statistics. It is expected that the AIHW will also provide an extensive range of data to the Authority to ensure that there is an efficient utilisation of existing data sources.

10.1.3 Department of Health and Ageing

The Department of Health and Ageing collects a number of datasets that the Authority will need to have access to. This includes the Medicare Benefits Schedule, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule, the Private Hospital Data Bureau and a number of Aged Care and Mental Health datasets.

10.2 - Roles and responsibilities of the states and territories

10.2.1 Departments responsible for health and hospitals

In accordance with the NHRA, the Commonwealth, states and territories are responsible for the provision of data necessary for the Authority to report on LHN and hospital performance according to the agreed performance indicators. The Commonwealth and the states and territories have also agreed that the assessment of the agreed performance measures must be supported by data which is delivered in a timely manner. The current state hospital data collection and hospital reporting systems vary greatly across the Federation in terms of their timeliness, ranging from real-time reporting of some health data to annual reporting systems. Thus, the changes to health data collection and reporting practices resulting from the NHRA will vary across states.

The states and territories will provide patient-level and hospital-level data, financial payment and other financial information in line with the indicators outlined above according to a timetable to be determined by the Authority and agreed by Health Ministers. To the greatest extent possible the Authority will use existing data sets via existing data agencies such as the AIHW so as to minimise the duplication of data reporting obligations.

The states and territories will have access to the data collected by the Authority on LHN performance, subject to the agreement of the Authority. This will assist states to manage their health systems, facilitate the process of performance improvement in LHNs, and support the dissemination of best practice across the health system.