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This page refers to the Performance and Accountability Framework, an intergovernmental document that assigned various reporting responsibilities to the former National Health Performance Authority. From 1 July 2016, activities related to reporting against the indicators contained in the Framework are the responsibility of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

In undertaking its functions the Authority will not act in a way which is inconsistent with the following policy principles:

  • the Authority’s activities provide Australians with information about the performance of their health and hospital services in a way which is both nationally consistent and locally relevant.
  • in assessing performance under the Performance and Accountability Framework (the Framework), the Authority should take into account i) the role of the relevant system managers and ii) the responsibilities of the relevant system managers for managing the performance of the entities for which they are responsible:
    • states and territories—as system managers of the public hospital system;
    • the Commonwealth—as system managers of Medicare Locals; and
    • the governing bodies of private hospitals—as system managers of their respective entities.
  • the Authority should publicly report on the performance of all LHNs, public and private hospitals and Medicare Locals.
  • the Authority should not publicly report on the performance of individual clinicians.
  • the Authority should resolve questions relating to data with the relevant system manager.