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This page refers to the Performance and Accountability Framework, an intergovernmental document that assigned various reporting responsibilities to the former National Health Performance Authority. From 1 July 2016, activities related to reporting against the indicators contained in the Framework are the responsibility of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

The development of performance standards should precede the development of appropriate performance targets and indicators to measure performance against the standard.

Standards for the clinical safety and quality of health services will be developed and approved by the ACSQHC, and agreed by Health Ministers. Standards that do not involve safety and quality measures (for example, efficiency and access standards), will be approved by COAG in accordance with the NHRA.

Standards will apply across both the public and private sectors where appropriate and will allow valid comparisons to be made across both sectors.

8.1 - Local Hospital Networks

Some states and territories already have service standards in their own performance and accountability frameworks.

The ACSQHC has developed ten National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards for safety and quality in hospitals for the consideration of Health Ministers across the following safety and quality domains:

  • governance for safety and quality in health service organisations;
  • partnering for consumers;
  • preventing and controlling Healthcare Associated Infection;
  • medication safety;
  • patient identification and procedure matching;
  • clinical handover;
  • blood and blood product;
  • preventing and managing of pressure injuries;
  • recognising and responding to clinical deterioration in acute health care; and
  • preventing falls and harm from falls.

Each of these standards includes performance indicators to be assessed against the standard. Many of these performance indicators are included in the initial indicator set for LHNs proposed in Section 6.2 – initial indicators for hospitals and Local Hospital Networks.

The National Partnership Agreement on Hospitals and Health Workforce reform already commits participating states and territories to a range of acute care access targets which will be reflected in the targets for LHNs. Furthermore, the National Partnership Agreement on Improving Public Hospital Services commits participating states and territories to targets relating to elective surgery, emergency department care and access to sub-acute beds.

The measurements currently used to assess hospital efficiency currently vary greatly between states and territories.

8.2 - Medicare Locals

The development of standards and targets for the evaluation of the performance of Medicare Locals will require extensive consultation with the primary health care sector prior to consideration by COAG given the current absence of such standards. This should not preclude the measurement of the performance of Medicare Locals by the Authority whilst standards are under development.

Some targets of relevance for Medicare Locals are already prescribed in the NHA and are reflected in the initial Medicare Local Performance indicator set.