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This page refers to the Performance and Accountability Framework, an intergovernmental document that assigned various reporting responsibilities to the former National Health Performance Authority. From 1 July 2016, activities related to reporting against the indicators contained in the Framework are the responsibility of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

9.1 - Hospital Performance Report

Hospital Performance Reports are a key product of the Framework that will be published by the Authority. The reports will:

  • provide clear and transparent reporting on the performance of every LHN, the hospitals within it, and every private hospital on at least a quarterly basis unless agreed otherwise by the Minister for Health and Ageing;
  • be developed and agreed by COAG in the first instance, and thereafter reviewed by Health Ministers; and
  • contain service, staffing, financial and clinical performance information on every LHN and every hospital.

Reporting will be based on the performance indicators set out in section 6.2, which capture National Standards agreed by COAG and National Clinical Safety and Quality Standards developed by the ACSQHC.

Hospital Performance Reports will be published through the MyHospitals site.

9.2 - Healthy Communities Report

Healthy Communities Reports are a key output of the Framework, facilitating, for the first time, monitoring and reporting of performance of primary health care at the local level, with reporting focused on Medicare Locals. Given the extensive data development required in primary health care, and other interdependencies such as the establishment of Medicare Locals and the Authority, the level of sophistication will grow over time.

The Healthy Communities reports will:

  • ensure accountability by promoting transparency through making performance information on Medicare Locals publicly available;
  • drive quality improvement by supporting:
    • evidence-based funding and strategic planning by governments, Medicare Locals and health care providers to focus performance improvement effort;
    • knowledge-led continuous self-improvement by encouraging innovation through comparative analysis and examples of good and poor performance;
    • the connection and integration of health services by identifying service gaps and underutilised services; and
    • the smart use of data, information and communication by building an integrated data platform for primary health care.

Healthy Communities Reports will be published in a similar manner to Hospital Performance Reports. This is likely to include the establishment of a website similar to the MyHospitals website—which will host the Hospital Performance Reports.

Reporting will be based on the performance indicators set out in section 6.3. In addition, they will provide contextual information about each local area, allowing comparisons with Australian averages. This could include demographic information drawn from the Census, population health indicators such as the prevalence of lifestyle risk factors, and clinical and administrative information from health registries (e.g. the Bowel Cancer Screening Registry).

9.3 - Reports to governments

The Authority will report regularly to the Commonwealth Government and the states and territories on the performance of Local Hospital Networks and Medicare Locals.

High performing organisations will be acknowledged regularly and their experience shared formally both nationally and internationally.