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Hospital accreditation is regarded as a performance indicator relevant to the effectiveness of hospital services. Hospitals can be accredited through organisations such as the Australian Council of Healthcare Standards, Business Excellence Australia, and the Quality Improvement Council, or through certification with the International Organization for Standardization’s 9000 quality family.

A total of 637 public hospitals with 52,651 beds (93% of public hospital beds) were known to be accredited at 30 June 2010 (Figure 2). These hospitals provided 95% of public hospital separations (completed episodes of admitted patient care) and 93% of patient days (days spent in hospital as an admitted patient).

For 2009-10, a total of 543 private hospitals and 27,045 private hospital beds were accredited (93% of hospitals, covering 97% of beds).

The proportions of accredited hospitals and beds in accredited hospitals have not changed much over recent years, reflecting continuing requirements of funding organisations for hospitals to be accredited. Between 2005–06 and 2009–10, 90% or more of hospital beds were in accredited hospitals.

Figure 2: Proportion of hospital beds that were in accredited public and private hospitals, 2005–06 to 2009–10

Vertical bar chart showing, for year, per cent accredited on y-axis and public and private hospitals on x-axis.