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The AIHW publishes data cubes and spreadsheets based on a number of data collections:

Additional information:

What is a data cube?

A data cube is a multidimensional representation of data which provides fast retrieval and drill down facilities.

How do I use the cubes?

When a data cube is opened default dimensions are shown. To view other dimensions right-click on the dimension you want to replace and select the 'Change' item. For example to replace country of birth with Sex right-click on Country of birth and select 'Change Country of birth to'. Then select 'Sex' from the list of dimensions.

To add Row totals and Column totals to the cube right-click anywhere on the cube and select Totals. In the Insert section of the dialogue box select 'Row totals' and 'Column totals'.

To hide dimensions right-click on the dimension name and select the Hide menu item.

How do I export data from cubes?

The data can be exported either to Excel or Word. Right click the table area and select 'Export table' from the menu. Choose how many rows you want to export, and whether to export to Excel or Word or save as a tab or comma separated file. Give the file a name and save it in the directory of your choosing.