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Why are AIHW media releases held under embargo?

The Institute releases publications to the media via media release with a 48-hour embargo. This gives the media time to obtain an embargoed copy of the report from the Institute if they require it, read relevant parts, interview the author, and produce an authoritative article/news item of reasonable depth. The 48-hour embargo has been requested by the media themselves. In certain circumstances, the media embargo period may be reduced to 24-hours.

Embargo terms and conditions 

The AIHW embargo policy prohibits any broadcast, news wire service or Internet transmission of text or information about any AIHW publication or media release before the stated release time.

The AIHW embargo policy also prohibits any communication of the contents of the publication or media release or any comment on its forecasts or conclusions to any outside party before the stated release time (including the use of wireless communication devices such as mobile phones and personal digital assistants).

The penalty for breaking an AIHW media embargo is 6 months suspension of access to embargoed materials.

Acceptance of these sanctions is a condition under which journalists are provided access to embargoed information.

How do I obtain a media copy of a report?

Journalists from mainstream media organisations wishing to obtain an embargoed copy of an AIHW report should contact the AIHW's or tel. 02 6249 5130 or 02 6244 1012.

Who do I contact to receive information about future media events and launches?

Contact the AIHW’s Digital and Media Communications Unit.