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Large increase in number of Australians using disability support services 19 January 2011

Substantiated child abuse falls in 2010 21 January 2011

Children on protection orders less likely to meet educational benchmarks 27 January 2011

Closing the gap on Indigenous school completion needs culture of respect 28 January 2011


Many paths through aged care 2 February 2011

Slight reduction in Indigenous smoking, but binge drinking a worry 8 February 2011

Spending on public health up 5.5% 25 February 2011


New user-friendly take on asthma stats 1 March 2011

Older Australians get behind flu and pneumococcal shots, but whooping cough coverage low in adults 3 March 2011

Asthma re-admissions higher in low socioeconomic status areas 7 March 2011

Most medical indemnity claims settled for less than $10,000 11 March 2011

Cardiovascular disease: most deaths and highest costs, but situation improving 17 March 2011

Dental services reach Indigenous children with oral health problems in rural and remote areas of NT 18 March 2011

Health and the environment closely connected 30 March 2011

Spending on specialised drugs for rheumatoid arthritis triples in 5 years 31 March 2011


Rise in rate of Australians seriously injured in road traffic crashes 1 April 2011

Young people from poor and remote areas more likely to be under juvenile justice supervision 14 April 2011

Report finds oral health gap between Australians who regularly visit a dentist and those who don’t 21 April 2011

New report provides timely information on Australia’s hospitals 29 April 2011


A sign of decline in hip fractures 4 May 2011

Indigenous life expectancy gap largely attributable to chronic diseases 5 May 2011

Over half of aged care residents have dementia 12 May 2011

Indigenous Australians more likely to seek housing help 13 May 2011

Around one-third of Australians avoid dentist due to cost while more visit overall 25 May 2011

Overcoming Indigenous disadvantage: what works and what doesn’t 31 May 2011


Transition Care Program big help for older people leaving hospital 2 June 2011

Use of homelessness services has increased 3 June 2011

Over half of homeless people requesting immediate accommodation turned away 9 June 2011

Most young Australians doing well—but diet and exercise could be improved 10 June 2011

Aussie men could take better care of themselves 14 June 2011

Housing assistance programs helping, but many more still in need 15 June 2011

Type 1 diabetes in Australian children is high compared to other OECD countries 17 June 2011

First report card on preventing and managing chronic disease 20 June 2011

New report provides clearer picture of end-stage kidney disease in Australia 21 June 2011

More older Australians seek treatment for heroin addiction 22 June 2011

Diabetes associated with poor mental health and wellbeing 23 June 2011

Indigenous health expenditure reaches $3.7 billion 24 June 2011


Painting a clearer picture of homelessness in Australia 1 July 2011

Program helps younger people with disability find appropriate accommodation 21 July 2011

Smoking down, mixed results for alcohol, illicit drug use up 27 July 2011

Smoking down, mixed results for alcohol, illicit drug use up 27 July 2011

Most Australian children doing well—but not all 29 July 2011


Children in poorest areas have 70% more dental decay 3 August 2011

More dentists join dental labour force, but only in major cities 10 August 2011

Australia’s medical and nursing workforce is growing - but supply still varies regionally 19 August 2011

Dentists seeing fewer patients but doing more to retain teeth 24 August 2011

Aussie men not taking action to manage their osteoporosis and osteoarthritis 26 August 2011

$11 billion spent on aged care services in 2009-10 31 August 2011


New report examines older Australians' pathways through aged care 1 September 2011

Higher rates of treated end-stage kidney disease projected for 2020 14 September 2011

New report highlights the burden of chronic kidney disease for Indigenous Australians 16 September 2011

Most medical indemnity claims are small and settled within three years 20 September 2011

Detailed stats released on Indigenous health 27 September 2011

High rates of mental health issues and risky health behaviours among Australia’s prisoners 28 September 2011

High use of health services among Australians with disability 30 September 2011


Social housing survey reports improved health, job prospects and education opportunities 7 October 2011

New website shows over $5.8 billion spent on mental health services 12 October 2011

Increase in use of disability services 14 October 2011

Meteoric information management win for Institute 17 October 2011

Asthma rates drop among Australian children and young people 18 October 2011

Increase in hospital admissions for palliative care 19 October 2011

Most young people under juvenile justice supervision stay in the community 21 October 2011

More Indigenous Australians accessing targeted health services 25 October 2011

Infection rates available on the MyHospitals website 27 October 2011

Spending on health exceeds $120 billion 28 October 2011

Cervical cancer rates at all-time low 31 October 2011


Health spending per Indigenous Australian highest in remote areas 2 November 2011

Report suggests obesity increases risk of injury 3 November 2011

Lung cancer rates up for women, down for men, survival slightly better 4 November 2011

More women seeking help to conceive 9 November 2011

High demand for hearing services among Indigenous children in NT 10 November 2011

More Australians seeking treatment for alcohol use 11 November 2011

Hay fever tops list for chronic respiratory conditions 17 November 2011

$137 billion in welfare spending driven by ‘changing, complex and varied society’ 24 November 2011

Same waits, but more emergency department care and elective surgery, and SAB meets benchmark 30 November 2011


Signs of hope for young Australians with cancer 1 December 2011

‘Joined up’ services can deliver better results for Indigenous communities, but evidence is lacking 5 December 2011

Half of women in target age group receive breast screen 6 December 2011

More than half of 6 year olds have decayed teeth 8 December 2011

Young women the dominant users of specialist homelessness services 9 December 2011

Most adoptions in Australia from overseas 14 December 2011

Homelessness agencies struggle to meet new accommodation requests 15 December 2011

Baseline released for monitoring effect of mandatory folic acid fortification on neural tube defects 19 December 2011

New report highlights Australian breastfeeding patterns 20 December 2011

Average maternal age reaches 30 21 December 2011

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