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Share of health spending dedicated to primary health care increasing 19 December 2014

Cancer cases double since 1982, but survival improving 18 December 2014

Continued decline in use of seclusion in mental health facilities 17 December 2014

More babies born in Australia 16 December 2014

More homelessness assistance provided for domestic violence and other housing crises 15 December 2014

Improvements seen across many Indigenous primary healthcare indicators 12 December 2014

Adoptions remain low despite more carer adoptions 10 December 2014

Australia’s allied health workforce growing 9 December 2014

Bowel cancer screening significantly reduces risk of bowel cancer death 4 December 2014

New AIHW report looks at suicide and self-harm statistics 3 December 2014

Oral health in Indigenous children in the Northern Territory improving 2 December 2014


Fewer young people in sentenced detention 28 November 2014

40% of Australians smoke, drink too much alcohol or use illicit drugs 25 November 2014

Australians living longer, with more years free of disability 21 November 2014

Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease affect over a quarter of Australians 19 November 2014

Mental health-related GP services continue to grow, medication most common form of management 13 November 2014

Falls, self-harm, transport injuries and assault most common causes for hospitalised injury in young people 12 November 2014

Football leading cause of hospitalised sports injury 4 November 2014


Over a third of all deaths caused by cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease 24 October 2014

More emergency department patients ‘seen on time’ 22 October 2014

Elective surgery waiting times stable as more patients admitted 20 October 2014

Government programs help improve access to affordable housing for Australians on low incomes 15 October 2014

Diversion from criminal justice system into drug treatment programs doubles over last 10 years 14 October 2014

Disadvantaged Australians face hardest climb out of homelessness 2 October 2014

Participation in breast screening program remains steady in target age group 1 October 2014


New report looks at Australia’s growing private hospital admissions 26 September 2014

More patients who die in hospital receive palliative care 24 September 2014

Health spending growth slowest since the 1980s 23 September 2014

Stillbirth rates fall for mothers over 40 12 September 2014

One in four aged care places is in community-based care 10 September 2014

Major cities have greatest supply of medical practitioners, while remote areas have greatest supply of nurses and midwives 9 September 2014

Some improvement in Indigenous life expectancy, but a 10 year gap remains 5 September 2014

Osteoporosis reported in 15% of women and 3% of men aged over 50 4 September 2014


Transition care helps older people return home after hospital stay 29 August 2014

In death, Australians are not equal—with higher rates for males, people in remote areas and Indigenous Australians 21 August 2014

More Indigenous Australians accessing health checks, but many still miss out 20 August 2014

Maternal death rate remains low for Australian women—but some groups at greater risk 19 August 2014

Long term improvements in oral health, but some concerns emerging 18 August 2014

Arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions among Australia’s most costly diseases 15 August 2014

Death rates for respiratory conditions declining 13 August 2014

More than 100,000 Australians received alcohol and other drug treatment services in 2012–13 12 August 2014

More staff provide primary health-care services to Indigenous Australians 11 August 2014

New report highlights Australians’ changing use of aged care services 6 August 2014

Improvements in birthweight for Indigenous babies 5 August 2014


New report shows young people experience most youth justice supervision within the community 30 July 2014

Child protection services received by 135,000 kids 25 July 2014

Smoking rates down, fewer young people drinking alcohol and mixed results on illicit use of drugs 17 July 2014

Indigenous home ownership on the rise, while overcrowding declines 16 July 2014

More medical indemnity claims in the private sector 11 July 2014

Greater safety risks for Indigenous kids 9 July 2014

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