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The AIHW releases around 140 publications a year, many of which have accompanying media releases.

Institute staff also attend many conferences and events, apart from our own Australia's Welfare and Australia's health launch conferences.

For further information please contact the AIHW's Media and Strategic Engagement Unit.

Recent media releases



Drop in number and rate of young people under youth justice supervision 17 April 2014


Rise in spending on hospitals and primary health care 21 March 2014


What works to improve education and employment outcomes for Indigenous Australians 28 February 2014

6 in 10 Australian women undergo cancer screening 27 February 2014

Oral health varies by wealth and location 26 February 2014

Cardiovascular diseases top Australian health care spending 25 February 2014

Improving early childhood outcomes for Indigenous children the focus of new Clearinghouse paper 7 February 2014


Indigenous children’s ear health improving, but still a problem 31 January 2014

Australia’s medical workforce continues to grow 24 January 2014

External causes responsible for most deaths in younger age groups, chronic disease in older 16 January 2014

More women entering the dental workforce 15 January 2014



Drop in rate of SAB cases in public hospitals 20 December 2013

Teenage births in decline 19 December 2013

Improving Indigenous health through better access to health services and housing strategies 18 December 2013

Holistic approaches and Indigenous involvement essential for effective programs to close the gap 18 December 2013

More Australians receiving homelessness support 17 December 2013

Cancer spending rising faster than total health spending 16 December 2013

Sport and recreation programs help health in Indigenous communities 13 December 2013

More adoptions of Australian children 12 December 2013

Fall in rate of young people in sentenced detention 10 December 2013

Most mainstream prison diversion programs not meeting the needs of Indigenous offenders 6 December 2013

Social housing tenants mostly satisfied with housing 5 December 2013


Number of nurses and midwives rises 29 November 2013

Continued drop in seclusion rates in mental health facilities 28 November 2013

HPV vaccine reduces cervical abnormalities that are precursors to cervical cancer 27 November 2013