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Recent media releases



Significantly higher disease burden for Indigenous Australians—but improvements made 23 September 2016

85 out of 100 Australians say they’re healthy—but are we really? 13 September 2016


Doctor workforce increasingly specialised — and more female clinician specialists and GPs 24 August 2016

AIHW study finds high use of specialist homelessness services for those in alcohol and drug treatment 18 August 2016

1 in 6 Australians have chronic back problems 16 August 2016


Bed numbers rising more in private hospitals than in public hospitals 29 July 2016

Skin cancers common, but melanoma rates falling among younger people 13 July 2016


Decrease in neural tube defects since folic acid added to bread 28 June 2016

1 in 200 Australians seek treatment for alcohol and other drugs 15 June 2016

Pain killer and antipsychotic medication use high among prisoners—particularly females 10 June 2016

Community support and employment services most used disability services 8 June 2016

Social housing wait lists shorten 2 June 2016


Use of palliative care medicine services increasing; expenditure up by 80% 25 May 2016

Less disease and injury burden since 2003—more improvements possible 10 May 2016

Client contacts at Indigenous health organisations continue to increase 4 May 2016

Cervical cancer screening saving lives 3 May 2016


Fewer young people under youth justice supervision, but Indigenous young people are still over-represented 27 April 2016

Number of children receiving protection services continues to rise, three-quarters repeat clients 21 April 2016


Children in out-of-home care report feeling safe 23 March 2016

Australian private hospital admissions rising faster than public hospital admissions 16 March 2016


Significant health gap remains between Australians with disability and those without disability 25 February 2016

Indigenous children and young people more likely to be hospitalised due to injury 12 February 2016

Young people in child protection more likely to also be under youth justice supervision 10 February 2016

Over one-third of specialist homelessness clients seek domestic and family violence support 3 February 2016

Spending on mental health services hits $8 billion 2 February 2016