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The National Aged Care Data Clearinghouse (NACDC) is a central, independent repository of national aged care data. It coordinates data collection from various agencies and departments and creates data sets from the information that is collected.

By facilitating access to data and information for research, evaluation and analysis, the NACDC supports the development of evidence-based planning and practice in aged care.

The NACDC encourages transparency and reliability in aged care data use by publishing reports on aged care services, and making many of its data sets publicly available. It also works on metadata and information management development and improving consistency across aged care data sets.

NACDC research and reporting 

Aged care data and information from the NACDC are published in a range of reports and bulletins. Several of these are detailed on the Research and reporting page. In addition, the NACDC releases an annual web report on residential and community-based aged care, offering statistical information on services, facilities and people in care.

Residential aged care and aged care packages in the community reports: 

Publications are listed on Aged care publications.

Public access self-service data tools

A range of aged care data from the NACDC is accessible through self-service options including the NACDC National Aged Care Places Stocktake Reporting Tool and the Aged care data cubes.

dynamic data display icon 36px GIFNational Aged Care Places Stocktake Reporting Tool dynamic data display

The Stocktake Reporting Tool provides a quick, user-driven view of the number of operational aged care places in Australia at 30 June from 2006-2015. The Stocktake Reporting Tool summarises the number of aged care services and places into interactive graphical representations that enable the user to obtain an overview or to specify the year, aged care planning region, care type, and provider type.

Please note the Stocktake Reporting Tool is delivered through SAS Visual Analytics software. Data included in the Stocktake Reporting Tool are correct as at 30 June 2015 and are subject to revisions over time.

Aged care data cubes 

The aged care data cubes include some detailed data relating to residential aged care, community aged care and the Transition Care Program from 2009-2012. Please note these are SAS based data cubes.

Data requests

The NACDC also provides customised aged care data to researchers and other stakeholders such as aged care sector and community agencies, and other government agencies.

If you have a specific requirement for data or statistics not covered by any of our published reports or online data, you can request customised aged care data through the AIHW custom data request service.