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 What is the National Cancer Statistics Clearing House? 

The National Cancer Statistics Clearing House (NCSCH) was established in 1986 as the national repository of cancer incidence and mortality statistics. It is administered by the AIHW and is a collaboration with Australia’s cancer registries through the Australasian Association of Cancer Registries (AACR).

The NCSCH protocol 2013 (288KB PDF) presents the NCSCH’s objectives and working structure, as well as the operating arrangements between the AIHW and the AACR.

Objectives of the NCSCH 

The NCSCH’s objectives are to:

  • analyse and report on the data that it holds;
  • support research; and
  • develop and improve cancer statistics generally.

What does the NCSCH do?

The NCSCH develops and disseminates national cancer statistics for Australia by:

  • publishing national statistics on cancer;
  • tracking interstate movement of cancer cases via data linkage;
  • exchanging scientific and technical information between cancer registries;
  • standardising the collection and classification of cancer data; and
  • facilitating cancer research both nationally and internationally.

What data are maintained by the NCSCH? 

The NCSCH maintains the Australian Cancer Database, a database of all cancer cases diagnosed in Australia from 1982 onwards, and compiled from state and territory cancer registry data.

Other AIHW data sources used by the NCSCH are the National Mortality Database, the National Hospital Morbidity Database and population data.

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