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This database is a catalogue of national indicators relevant to Australian national reporting on the health, housing and community services sectors. This includes indicators and outputs outlined in the Council of Australian government (COAG) Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) on Federal Financial Relations and other key national indicators.

Searching the NIC

The NIC can be searched in several different ways:

  • The National Indicator Sets menu displays 4 broad categories of indicator sets (ie. COAG-Intergovernmental Agreement, COAG National Partnerships, Review of Government Service Provision, and other national indicator sets. These categories can be viewed in two ways:
    • A mouse-click on each broad level category will open a new page with a brief description of the category and a list of links to the recent annual indicator sets (eg. National Healthcare Agreement) within the category.
    • A mouse-click on the + symbol next to each broad level category will expand the menu with a list of links to the recent annual indicator sets. Alternatively, a mouse-click on the – symbol will collapse the indicator set links.
  • The keyword option allows searching in any field of the database, such as a subject (e.g. employment)
  • The data source option searches for indicators by the source of the data for the indicator (e.g. Survey of disability, ageing and carers).
  • The METeOR ID option allows searching for a specific indicator by its METeOR ID.
Please note the information contained in the NIC is automatically populated by METeOR and is updated every 24hrs. A more detailed view of metadata is available via METeOR.


If you have problems using the catalogue, or would like to provide any comments, please contact the AIHW METeOR and Metadata Services Unit at webmaster@meteor.aihw.gov.au