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The National Perinatal Data Development Committee (NPDDC) is an advisory committee to the National Perinatal Epidemiology and Statistics Unit (NPESU).

The role of the NPDDC is to:

  • provide expert technical advice on perinatal data and statistics
  • review and recommend perinatal data items for inclusion, modification or deletion in METeOR and the Perinatal National Minimum Data Set via the National Health Information Standards and Statistics Committee (NHISSC)
  • advise the NPESU on state and territory data collection processes relating to perinatal health
  • provide advice on the costs and timing of implementing proposed new data items for national reporting, including the capacity and preparedness of the jurisdictions and other relevant bodies/agencies to collect and provide these data as part of the Perinatal NMDS
  • advise on the content and structure of the annual report—Australia’s mothers and babies
  • work with the National Birth Anomalies Steering Committee on an integrated program of data development for the national congenital anomalies and perinatal data collections
  • exchange information and consult with other stakeholders in perinatal health in Australia on the appropriateness, relevance, quality, comprehensiveness and clarity of national perinatal data
  • promote the use of national standards in relevant local and national data collections.

Reporting arrangements

Whilst the NPDDC is not a sub-committee of NHISSC, any data development associated with the Perinatal National Minimum Data Set (NMDS) must go through NHISSC.


Chair: Sue Cornes (Queensland Health)

Deputy Chair: Elizabeth Sullivan (NPESU)


The NPDDC is comprised of perinatal data managers from each state and territory health authority, AIHW, Australian Bureau of Statistics and the NPESU, with temporary members invited on a transitory basis as their expertise is required.

Meeting details

The NPDDC will meet quarterly, holding 3 teleconferences and at least 1 face-to-face meeting per year. 

Contact details

Contact the secretariat for more information.