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released: 15 Dec 2011 author: AIHW media release

This report presents data on the people turned away from government-funded specialist homelessness accommodation in 2010-11. It is the final report to be sourced from the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP) National Data Collection (NDC). From 1 July 2011, data will be reported from the new Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS) collection. The data collected indicate that government-funded specialist homelessness agencies are operating to capacity and are unable to completely meet the demand for accommodation. Some groups, such as families, experience more difficulty than others in obtaining accommodation.

ISBN 978-1-74249-248-3; Cat. no. HOU 260; 16pp.; Internet Only


Publication table of contents

  • Preliminary material
    • Title and verso pages
    • Contents
    • Acknowledgments
    • Summary
  • Body section
    • 1 Introduction
    • 2 What was the level of turn-away?
    • 3 Who was turned away?
    • 4 Why were people turned away?
    • 5 Were people referred on to other accommodation when turned away?
    • 6 Factors affecting turn-away
  • End matter
    • References
    • List of figures

Recommended citation

AIHW 2011. People turned away from government funded specialist homelessness accommodation 2010-11. Cat. no. HOU 260. Canberra: AIHW. Viewed 18 August 2017 <http://www.aihw.gov.au/publication-detail/?id=10737420783>.

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