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released: 15 Nov 2012 author: AIHW media release

Following the release of a study exploring the feasibility of linking three community-sector data collections, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare was funded to link child protection, juvenile justice and Supported Accommodation Assistance Program data. This report describes the process used to link these collections. The analysis of the linked data is in a companion report, Children and young people at risk of social exclusion: links between homelessness, child protection and juvenile justice.

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Publication table of contents

  • Preliminary material
    • Title and verso page
    • Contents
    • Acknowledgments
    • Abbreviations
    • Symbols
  • Body section
    • 1 Introduction
    • 2 Linkage using statistical linkage keys
    • 3 Data
      • 3.1 Data availability
      • 3.2 Linkage issues
    • 4 Linkage
      • 4.1 Method
      • 4.2 Creation of analysis data sets
  • End matter
    • Appendix
    • Glossary
    • References
    • List of tables
    • Related publications

Recommended citation

AIHW 2012. Linking SAAP, child protection and juvenile justice data: technical report. Data linkage series no. 14. Cat. no. CSI 14. Canberra: AIHW.

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