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released: 11 Dec 2012 author: AIHW & AACR media release

'Cancer in Australia: an overview, 2012' presents the latest available information on incidence, mortality, survival, prevalence, burden of cancer, hospitalisations and national cancer screening programs. It is estimated that the most commonly diagnosed cancers in 2012 will be prostate cancer, bowel cancer and breast cancer. For all cancers combined, the incidence rate increased by 12% from 1991 to 2009, but the mortality rate decreased and survival improved over time. Cancer outcomes differ by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status, remoteness area and socioeconomic status.

ISSN 1039-3307; ISBN 978-1-74249-386-2; Cat. no. CAN 70; 216pp.; $30

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Publication table of contents

  • Preliminary material
    • Title and verso pages
    • Contents
    • Acknowledgments
    • Abbreviations
    • Symbols
    • Summary
  • Body section
    • Data at a glance
      • Estimated incidence of cancer in 2012
      • Mortality from cancer in 2010
    • 1 Introduction
      • What is cancer?
      • What are the known risk factors for cancer?
      • Purpose and structure of this report
      • Data interpretation
      • Data sources
      • What is missing from the picture?
    • 2 Incidence of cancer
      • About incidence
      • How many people will be diagnosed with cancer in 2012?
      • Which cancers are estimated to be the most common?
      • Does incidence differ by age?
      • What is the risk of being diagnosed with cancer?
      • What has changed over time?
      • How does Australia compare internationally?
    • 3 Mortality from cancer
      • About mortality
      • How many people died from cancer in 2010?
      • What is the risk of death from cancer?
      • What has changed over time?
      • How does Australia compare internationally?
    • 4 Survival after a diagnosis of cancer
      • About survival
      • What is the prospect of survival?
      • Conditional survival
      • How does Australia compare internationally?
    • 5 Prevalence of cancer
      • About prevalence
      • How prevalent was cancer in 2007?
    • 6 Differences across population groups
      • About differences across population groups
      • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status
      • State and territory
      • Remoteness area
      • Socioeconomic status
    • 7 Burden of disease due to cancer
      • About burden of disease
      • What is estimated burden of disease due to cancer in 2012?
    • 8 Hospitalisations and palliative care for cancer
      • About hospitalisations
      • How many hospitalisations occurred in 2010-11?
      • Palliative care for cancer in the hospital setting
    • 9 National cancer screening programs
      • About national population screening programs
      • BreastScreen Australia
    • National Cervical Screening Program
    • National Bowel Cancer Screening Program
  • End matter
    • Appendixes
      • Appendix A Cancer codes
      • Appendix B Summary pages for selected cancers
      • Appendix C Cancer incidence and mortality for all cancer groupings
      • Appendix D Guide to online supplementary tables
      • Appendix E Classifications
      • Appendix F Constructing the 2009 Australian Cancer Database
      • Appendix G Year-to-date estimates for Australian cancer incidence and mortality
      • Appendix H Statistical methods and technical notes
      • Appendix I Data sources
      • Appendix J Definition of cancer-related hospitalisations
    • Glossary
    • References
    • List of tables
    • List of figures
    • List of boxes

Recommended citation

AIHW & AACR 2012. Cancer in Australia: an overview 2012. Cancer series no. 74. Cat. no. CAN 70. Canberra: AIHW.

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