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released: 1 Aug 1992 author: Bastian H & Lancaster P

Prepared as a result of a collaboration between Homebirth Australia and the AIHW's National Perinatal Statistics Unit. Data has been collected on home births and their outcomes to provide information to assist childbearing women and practitioners in decision-making about perinatal care, and to inform the community about the incidence and experience of home births in Australia.

ISSN 1034-7178; Cat. no. NPSU 419; 53pp.; OUT OF PRINT

This publication is out of print and is listed on the website for reference only. Contact AIHW if you require access to this publication.

Recommended citation

Bastian H & Lancaster P 1992. Home births Australia 1988-1990. Cat. no. NPSU 419. Canberra: AIHW.

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