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released: 22 Jun 2000 author: AIHW

Australia's Health 2000 is the seventh biennial health report of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. It is the nation's authoritative source of information on patterns of health and illness, determinants of health, the supply and use of health services, and health services costs and performance.This 2000 edition serves as a summary of Australia's health record at the end of the twentieth century. In addition, a special chapter is presented on changes in Australia's disease profile over the last 100 years.Australia's Health 2000 is an essential reference and information source for all Australians with an interest in health.

ISSN 1032 6138; ISBN 978 1 74024 054 3; Cat. no. AUS 19; 490pp.; OUT OF PRINT

Full publication

Publication table of contents

  • Preliminary material
    • Title page (562K PDF)
    • Verso title page
    • Transmittal letter
    • Editorial team, contributors and referees
    • Contents (129K PDF)
    • Preface
  • Chapters
    1. Introduction (202K PDF)
      1. Health and its determinants
      2. Implications of improving health
      3. The role of health information
      4. The Australian health system
    2. The health of Australians
      1. Dimensions and components of health (427K PDF)
        1. Life expectancy and longevity
        2. Self-reported health
        3. Fitness
        4. Oral health
        5. Sexual health
        6. Immunological health
      2. Burden of disease and injury (318K PDF)
        1. Mortality
        2. Illness, morbidity and health conditions
        3. Disability
        4. Australian Burden of Disease and Injury Study
      3. NHPA diseases and conditions (506K PDF)
        Please note there has been a correction to the legend of figure2.28, page72, where items were transposed in the original version of this publication.
        1. Cardiovascular disease
        2. Cancers
        3. Injuries
        4. Mental problems and disorders
        5. Diabetes
        6. Asthma
      4. Other major chronic disases and conditions (276K PDF)
        1. Chronicobstructive pulmonary disease
        2. Arthitis and other musculoskeletal disorders
        3. Nervous system disorders
        4. End-stage renel (kidney) disease
        5. Cirrhosis and other chronic liver diseases
      5. Communicable diseases (351K PDF)
    3. Determinants of health
      1. Environmental factors (148K PDF)
      2. Genetic factors (178K PDF)
      3. Attitudes and beliefs (130K PDF)
      4. Lifestyle and behaviour (341K PDF)
      5. Biomedical factors (247K PDF)
    4. Health and determinants in population groups
      1. Mothers and babies (149K PDF)
      2. Children and younger people (221K PDF)
      3. Men and women aged 25 and over (190K PDF)
      4. Older people (148K PDF)
      5. Overseas-born (151K PDF)
      6. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples (210K PDF)
      7. Socioeconomically disadvantaged (172K PDF)
      8. Rural and remote populations (176K PDF)
    5. Health resources and use of services
      1. Health services funding and expenditure (295K PDF)
      2. Cost of diseases (151K PDF)
      3. Private health insurance (182K PDF)
      4. Health workforce (167K PDF)
      5. Supply and use of health services (1,066K PDF)
      6. Use of medications (172K PDF)
      7. Health promotion and prevention (151K PDF)
      8. Health research in Australia (127K PDF)
    6. Health service strategies, performance and monitoring (319K PDF)
      1. Issues in health services planning
      2. Emerging and contemporary issues
      3. Performance indicators
      4. Service delivery monitoring
    7. Challenges for national health information (190K PDF)
      1. The National Health Information Development Plan
      2. Newly emerging information challenges
      3. Major gaps in this report
    8. Changes in Australia's disease profile: a view of the twentieth century (368K PDF)
      1. General trends in health over the twentieth century
      2. Trends in major causes of death in Australia
  • End matter
    • Statistical tables (680K PDF)
      • Population
      • Fertility and pregnancy
      • Mortality
      • Infectious diseases
      • Cancer
      • Oral health
      • Cardiovascular risk factors
      • Use of hospitals
      • Health expenditure
      • Health labour force
      • Use of professional services
      • National Health Priority Areas
    • Methods and conventions (104K PDF)
    • Abbreviations (116K PDF)
    • Glossary (214K PDF)
    • Index (345K PDF)

Recommended citation

AIHW 2000. Australia's health 2000. Australia's health no. 7. Cat. no. AUS 19. Canberra: AIHW.

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