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released: 21 May 2009 author: AIHW media release

National Opioid Pharmacotherapy Statistics Annual Data collection: 2008 report presents data on the 41,000 clients accessing pharmacotherapy for the treatment of opioid addiction, the 1,400 prescribers participating in the delivery of pharmacotherapy treatment, and quantitative information about the prescribing sector. This collection is one of a number of data sources that provide a picture of alcohol and other drug treatment services in Australia.

ISSN 1446-9820; ISBN 978 1 74024 926 3; Cat. no. AUS 115; 28pp.; INTERNET ONLY

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Publication table of contents

  • Contents
  • Highlights
  • Background
  • What is the NOPSAD collection used for?
  • Scope of the NOPSAD collection
  • About pharmacotherapies
  • Terminology
  • Administrative features in each jurisdiction
  • Clients receiving pharmacotherapy treatment
  • Demographic profile of clients receiving pharmacotherapy treatment
  • Prescribers of pharmacotherapy drugs
  • Pharmacotherapy dosing point sites
  • Data custodianship
  • Related data collections
  • Appendix Tables
  • References
  • Acknowledgments
  • Title and verso pages

Recommended citation

AIHW 2009. National Opioid Pharmacotherapy Statistics Annual Data collection: 2008 report. Cat. no. AUS 115. Canberra: AIHW.

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