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released: 26 May 2010 author: AIHW

The National Opioid Pharmacotherapy Statistics Annual Data (NOPSAD) 2010 data guide has been prepared as a reference for those involved in collecting and supplying data for the NOPSAD collection. This guide would be particularly useful to staff in Australian government, state and territory departments and researchers. This collection is one of a number of data sources that provide a picture of alcohol and other drug treatment services in Australia.

ISBN 978 1 74249 037 3; Cat. no. WP 64; 36pp.; INTERNET ONLY

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Publication table of contents

  • National Opioid Pharmacotherapy Statistics Annual Data (NOPSAD) 2010 collection - data guide
    • Preliminary pages
      • Title and verso pages
      • Acknowledgments
    • Body section
      • Summary
      • 1 Introduction to the NOPSAD collection
        • 1.1 What is the NOPSAD collection and why was it developed?
        • 1.2 What is the NOPSAD collection used for?
        • 1.3 Purpose and structure of the NOPSAD data guide
      • 2 Scope of the NOPSAD collection
      • 3 NOPSAD counting rules
      • 4 Administrative features in each jurisdiction
      • 5 Process for transmission, collation and reporting
      • 6 Data required for the NOPSAD collection
      • 7 Data item definitions
      • 8 Data release guidelines
        • 8.1 Purpose
        • 8.2 Background
        • 8.3 Summary of unpublished data access options
          • To access unpublished national NOPSAD data
          • Release of summarised state and/or territory data
          • Confidentiality policy
        • 8.4 AIHW charging policy for ad hoc information services
        • 8.5 Other alcohol and other drug data
        • 8.6 Requests for release of NOPSAD unpublished state/territory data
            • Contact: Julia Tresidder Drug Surveys and Services Unit Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
    • End matter
      • Appendix 1: 2010 transmission specifications
        • 2010 NOPSAD data specifications
      • References

Recommended citation

AIHW 2010. National Opioid Pharmacotherapy Statistics Annual Data (NOPSAD) 2010 collection: data guide. AIHW Working paper no. 64. Cat. no. WP 64. Canberra: AIHW. Viewed 21 July 2017 <http://www.aihw.gov.au/publication-detail/?id=6442468366>.

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