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Healthy Futures—Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services Report Card 2016

This report card provides information from about 140 Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS) providing care to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. During 2014–15 these services saw about 275,000 Indigenous clients who received almost 2.5 million episodes of care.About 228,700 Indigenous Australians were regular clients of ACCHSs, where they received maternal and child health services, chronic disease risk factor prevention, and management services. This report card shows rises in the proportion of clients receiving appropriate processes of care for 10 of the 16 relevant indicators.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health organisations: Online Services Report—key results 2014–15

This is the seventh national report on organisations funded by the Australian Government to provide health services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. In 2014–15: - 203 organisations provided primary health-care services to around 434,600 clients through 5.0 million client contacts and 3.5 million episodes of care; - 221 counsellors provided social and emotional wellbeing services to around 21,100 clients through 100,200 client contacts; - 67 organisations provided substance-use rehabilitation and treatment services to around 25,200 clients through 151,000 episodes of care.

Health expenditure Australia 2013–14: analysis by sector

This report extends the analysis presented in Health expenditure Australia 2013–14 to further explore expenditure on particular categories of health goods and services. In 2013–14, $58.8 billion was spent on hospitals in Australia, $54.7 billion on primary health care and $32.0 billion on other health goods and services. A further $9.1 billion was spent on capital expenditure. Unreferred medical services attracted the highest share of primary health care funding in 2013–14, at 19.3%. This is different to earlier in the decade, when benefit-paid pharmaceuticals attracted the most spending from 2008–09 to 2011–12. Growth in expenditure on benefit-paid pharmaceuticals slowed in the last 3 years compared with the rest of the decade. This slower growth in expenditure was in contrast to a steady increase in the number of prescriptions dispensed over the same period.

Australia's health 2014

Australia’s health 2014 is the 14th biennial health report of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. This edition combines analytical feature articles on highly topical health issues with short statistical snapshots in the following areas: Understanding health and illness; The Australian health system; How healthy are we?; Leading types of ill health; Health behaviours and risks; Health through your life; Indigenous health; Preventing and treating ill health; Indicators of Australia’s health.