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The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare is looking for applicants interested in being included on our Temporary Employment Register, for potential employment opportunities with the Institute, in either our Canberra or Sydney office.

Data Analyst roles

We are currently seeking talented and enthusiastic data analysts to fill a number of opportunities in our upcoming 2017-18 work plan, providing data analysis and technical writing support to units across the organisation.

As a Data Analyst, you will require an understanding of and skills in or aptitude for statistical and information work in a range of subject areas. These positions also require strong oral and written communication skills, and very good organisational skills.

We encourage applicants from a wide range of skills and disciplines. This may include (but is not limited to) those with qualifications and/or relevant work experience in statistics, epidemiology, economics, demography, information technology and data science, health sciences, social sciences, predictive modelling or geospatial/GIS (geographic information system) mapping.

The level at which these roles will be filled will depend on the skills and experience of the successful candidates.

Other roles

From time to time, other roles may be available within the Institute. These include executive assistants, administrative or project support roles, or corporate support roles such as in Human Resources, Information Technology, Finance, or Media, Publications and Web.

Additional information

The register allows the Institute to access suitable applicants at short notice for short-term work opportunities. Opportunities available through the Register will be for fixed terms (generally no longer than 18 months) and may be on a full-time, part-time or casual basis, depending on the business needs and requirements of the Institute. 

Candidates should note that successful candidates may be offered employment through a labour hire firm, rather than directly through the Institute.

Time on register

Registration will be current for a period of six months; opportunities for inclusion in future registers will be separately advertised.

Submitting an application 

Interested parties should complete a Temporary employment register application form (48KB DOC) and attach a copy of their curriculum vitae (CV) or resume.

Applications should be submitted by email to applications@aihw.gov.au.

Further information

Send enquiries to AIHW Recruitment: recruitment@aihw.gov.au.