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The Youth Information Advisory Group was established by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) in 2005 to provide advice to AIHW from a range of perspectives on young peoples' development, health and wellbeing information issues. 

The membership of this group consists of many of the same people who served on the Picture of Australia's Children and Child and Youth Health Information Advisory Groups which provided advice to AIHW on previous child and youth health publications and indicators from 2001-2005.

The Youth Information Advisory Group seeks advice from a wide variety of experts in order to develop indicators to measure aspects of young peoples' wellbeing in line with recent national and international developments.

Terms of reference


Professor George Patton


The advisory group is made up of representatives from government (Commonwealth and state and territory), a member of the Australian Council for Children and Parenting (ACCAP), as well as a number of academics working in areas relevant to child and youth health, development and wellbeing.

  • Professor George Patton (Chair)
  • Dr Kerry Carrington
  • Dr Sharon Goldfeld
  • Dr Diana Hetzel
  • Mr Yin Paradies
  • Dr John Ainley
  • Associate Professor Judy Cashmore
  • Ms Diana Smart 
  • Dr Michael Booth 
  • Dr Joy Eshpeter 
  • Ms Penny Marshall 
  • Mr Lucio Krbavac 
  • Ms Lesley Martin 
  • Ms Margaret Wada 
  • Dr Wilawan Kanjanapan 
  • Mr Peter Boal 
  • Mr Bruce Martin 
  • Ms Genevieve Grave 
  • Professor Brian Head 
  • Professor Glenn Bowes 
  • Dr Barbara Paterson 
  • Dr Paul Magnus 
  • Ms Cynthia Kim 
  • Dr Indrani Pieris-Caldwell and Dr Helen Rogers (Secretariat)



Contact the Secretariat for further information:
Phone: 6244 1162
Fax: 6244 1199
Postal Address: GPO Box 570
Canberra ACT 2601