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The Juvenile Justice National Minimum Data Set (JJ NMDS) is a joint project between the Australasian Juvenile Justice Administrators (AJJA) and the AIHW. In Australia, the states and territories are responsible for juvenile justice and there is marked diversity in terms of legislation, policy and practices among jurisdictions. The JJ NMDS provides nationally consistent data on young people's experience of juvenile justice supervision, both in the community and in detention.

In 1999, the currently named Community Services and Disability Ministers' Advisory Group (CDSMAC) agreed to provide funding to the National Community Services Information Management Group (NCSIMG) to help establish the JJ NMDS. Together with the cooperation of AJJA, the AIHW conducted a background study and developed the JJ NMDS (see Report on the development of a Juvenile Justice NMDS (2001) for more information).

The JJ NMDS was tested and refined during 2002 and 2003 (see Juvenile justice: a new national collection (2004) for more information) and was implemented in 2004. The JJ NMDS was redeveloped in 2009 to include more detail on the supervision of young people.

The first report containing data from the JJ NMDS was released in February 2006 and covered 2000–01 to 2003–04. Annual reports have subsequently been published (see Youth justice publications for details).

Data collected for the Juvenile Justice NMDS

  • Characteristics of young people under juvenile supervision

    • age
    • sex
    • Indigenous status
    • age at first supervision
  • Supervised orders

    • order start and end dates
    • end reason
    • order type
  • Detention periods

    • start and end dates
    • end reason
    • detention type

The JJ NMDS does not contain information on young people on unsupervised orders or under supervision by agencies other than juvenile justice agencies.

Accessing JJ NMDS data

For access to published data from the JJ NMDS, please refer to the annual statistical publications (Youth justice publications) and the state/territory appendixes, which are only available online.

Researchers can apply to access unpublished national and state/territory data. Requests for access to unpublished data may require approval from the Australasian Juvenile Justice Administrators (AJJA) and the AIHW Ethics Committee. Please contact us for more information about juvenile justice data holdings and applications for access to data.

Further information