AIHW sets up the National Health Information Strategy Independent Expert Panel

The AIHW is proud to bring together an independent expert panel to lead the development of a National Health Information Strategy, on behalf of the Health Services Principal Committee of the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council (AHMAC).

The National Health Information Strategy will fill a gap–a lack of a national, targeted health data and information strategy. The Strategy aims to achieve integrated, effective and timely health data and information. The outcome will be a 10–15 year vision, and an enduring framework that will support the information needs of all who use, work in and manage Australia’s health system. The Strategy will be provided to AHMAC and the CoAG Health Council in late 2020 and then published.

The Strategy will be able to support a series of 3–4 year National Health Information Investment Plans to shape strategic investment in health information.

This comprehensive approach will focus on developing a co-ordinated, more patient-centred health information system.

The expert panel is made up of individuals who are independent and well respected in areas such as public administration, health research, clinical practice, consumer perspectives and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing. The members will lead the development of the Strategy with support of an AIHW team.

The panel members are:


  • Emeritus Professor Mike Daube AO – Curtin University. Previously Professor of Health Policy, Curtin University and Director General of Health for Western Australia.  A leader in public administration


The AIHW looks forward to working with the panel to deliver the Strategy for improved national health data and information.

For more infomation vist our National Health Information Strategy Independent Expert Panel committee page here.


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