The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) is a national agency established by the Australian Government to produce independent and authoritative health and welfare information and statistics.  The AIHW’s functions are to:

  • collect and produce health and welfare related information and statistics
  • develop methods to assess the provision, use, cost and effectiveness of health services and technologies
  • conduct and promote research into Australian’s health and health services
  • develop standards and classifications for health and health and welfare services
  • provide researchers with access to health and welfare related information and statistics
  • report against nationally agreed local-level indicators agreed by all Australian Governments
  • publish reports on its work.

The Institute is establishing the AIHW Primary Healthcare Advisory Committee to provide advice to it in relation to its work in relation to primary health care in the context of the functions listed above.

Terms of reference

Purpose of the AIHW Primary Healthcare Advisory Committee (PHAC)

The purpose of the Committee is to support the AIHW to conduct its work that relates to primary healthcare and PAF-related local area reporting through high-level strategic advice covering:

  • contemporary issues in primary healthcare in Australia as they relate to the AIHW’s functions
  • priorities for work relating to primary healthcare, including PAF reporting
  • the scope and nature of relevant AIHW products (including websites) to maximise their utility
  • sources of advice to be sought by AIHW in preparing PAF reports and primary healthcare related products
  • engagement processes to improve the beneficial impact of relevant AIHW work.

In all issues referred to the Committee, decision-making responsibility remains with the AIHW.


The AIHW will determine the Committee membership.  Each member is appointed on the basis of their individual skills, knowledge and expertise.  Members are not appointed as representatives of their employing organisations.  The Committee will comprise the Chair and approximately 10–15 members with expertise in one or more of the following areas:

  • Commonwealth/state primary health care responsibilities
  • Primary Health Networks from a policy and operational perspective
  • the interface between the acute and primary healthcare sectors
  • research on primary healthcare
  • hands-on experience of service delivery in areas such as general practice, nursing, allied health, community health, remote health or non-acute medical specialists
  • personal experience as a consumer
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health services.



The secretariat services for the Committee will be provided by the Institute. 

Postal address

PHAC Secretariat

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

GPO Box 570

Canberra ACT 2601

Email address

[email protected]