Overview of a typical data integration project


Flowchart showing key steps for researcher (develop research proposal), for Integrating Authority (assess scope, feasibility and risk) (prepare documentation), for Data custodian (approve use of data) and for Data provider (extract data). Integrating Authority then links data, manages access to data. Researcher accesses data to complete research, and Integrating Authority monitors output and use of data.

Detailed steps in a typical data integration project

Researcher Integrating Authority Data custodian Data provider
Develop research proposal
  • Hold preliminary discussions with DISC and decide if you need an Integrating Authority
Liaise with other stakeholders as required for ethics approvals and other steps
  • Seek approval from your organisation's ethics committee as required (can be done later)
  • Submit DISC application form (with help from DISC)
Assess scope, feasibility and risk
  • Estimate scope and cost to researcher
  • Assess feasibility in consultation with data custodian (approximately 1-2 weeks)
  • Do preliminary risk assessment (then reviewed by Cross Portfolio Data Integration Oversight Board). For projects involving Commonwealth data: low-medium risk projects overseen by authorised Integrating Authority; high-risk projects overseen by accredited Integrating Authority
Submit application to  AIHW Ethics Committee and other committees. Help DISC prepare other documentation about the project Prepare documentation
  • DISC risk assessment form
  • Various ethics committee applications (note: AIHW Ethics Committee meets quarterly with a 5-week lead time for papers)
  • project summary
  • application to data custodian for data to be provided, e.g. Department of Health require a Public Interest Certificate
  Register project with National Statistical Service    
    Assess risk (for projects involving Commonwealth data)  
    Approve use of data e.g. Department of Health issue a Public Interest Certificate  
      Extract data for approved purpose
Abide by ethics/data custodian conditions Link/integrate data    
Get secure access to data to complete research via
  • DISC data lab
  • SURE
  • mobile data lab
  • or by other arrangement
Monitor output and use of data by researcher