Data sources

A range of data sources are used to describe mental health services, including, but not limited to:

Four National Minimum Data Sets (NMDS)

Data sources Section

Mental health establishments NMDS

Expenditure on mental health-related services

Specialised mental health care facilities

Admitted patient care NMDS

Same day admitted mental health-related care

Overnight admitted mental health-related care

Residential mental health care NMDS

Residential mental health care services

Community mental health care NMDS

Community mental health care services


A National Best Endeavours Data Set (NBEDS)

Data sources Section

Seclusion and Restraint NBEDS

Restrictive practices


A range of additional data sources held by the AIHW

Data sources Section

Specialist Homelessness Services Collection

Specialist homelessness services


A range of data sources not held by the AIHW

Data sources Section

Medicare Benefits Scheme data

Medicare-subsidised mental health-related services

Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme data

Mental health-related prescriptions


More information about these data sources can be found under Our data collections page.