The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) thanks the data providers: the state and territory health authorities and individual hospitals for their timely supply of the data and for their assistance with data validation and preparation of the content.

The AIHW’s National Hospital Information Advisory Committee has been of great assistance. Committee members who contributed are:

  • Australian Capital Territory Health Directorate
  • Michelle McKinnon (South Australian Department for Health and Ageing)
  • Amanda Lanagan (Northern Territory Department of Health)
  • Peter Mansfield (Tasmanian Department of Health)
  • Mary Manescu (Victorian Agency for Health Information)
  • Shannon Carter (Western Australian Department of Health)
  • Allan Went (New South Wales Ministry of Health)
  • Ben Wilkinson (Queensland Department of Health).

The main authors of these pages are: Charles Hudson, Jane McIntyre, Peter Fakan and Marissa Veld. Special contributions by Alexei Dukhnovski, Saki Disanayake, Enya Venn, Chris Kling and Jenny Webb are gratefully acknowledged. Thanks are also extended to Adrian Webster, who provided ongoing guidance and comments.