Data visualisations help

The Adoptions dynamic data displays are designed to allow you explore data to find out more about adoption in Australia.

This page will help you get the most out of the displays.

Exploring displays

Information page

Each dynamic data display opens on an information page. This page contains useful information about the display, allows you to navigate to each page within the display, and has links to other relevant information on adoptions in Australia.

Included on this page is a link to definitions relevant to the charts within the display.

Data displays information page  

Navigating between pages

You can use the links under the ‘Display pages’ heading on the Information page to navigate to each page in the display. Each display page contains a link to bring you back to the Information page.

Display page
Navigating back

Alternatively, you can use the drop down list in the top left corner of the open display to change the page you are viewing.

 Drop down list

Switching between number and proportion

Where available, buttons above each chart can be used to switch between displaying numbers and proportions. Generally, number will be selected by default when you open a display page.

Switch between number and proportion  

Enlarging a chart

Click inside the chart area and then click on the symbol in the top right corner of the chart area.

Enlarging a chart  

To return to the previous view, click on the similar box symbol in the top right hand corner that says ‘Exit maximized view’ when the mouse cursor is hovered over it.

Return to previous view  

Reading data points 

Clicking or hovering over a bar in a bar chart will display additional information, including the value represented by the bar in a small box above the selected bar.

Reading data points  

Click on a category in the legend of a chart to highlight corresponding data points.

Highlight data points  

Information windows

Each chart has an information window that can be accessed by clicking on the ‘click here for additional information’ link located beside the chart. Information windows contain the data for the chart as well as a brief summary of relevant contextual information.

Information window  

Information windows can be enlarged and also printed using the symbols in the top right corner of the window.

Enlarge and print  

Finding out more 

Click on the hyperlinks below the title of each display page to navigate to further information.

Finding out more  

Adoptions Australia report series—opens a web-page with links to downloadable copies of past Adoptions Australia reports that provide detailed information on adoption in Australia.

Supplementary tables—opens an Excel workbook with data tables for all adoptions dynamic data displays and relevant footnotes about these data.

Customising displays

Taking charge of the analysis

Use the dropdown menus, tick-a-box selection panels and buttons on a display page to select and deselect variables (these are generally located on the right-hand side of a display page). Charts and tables will automatically update to reflect your chosen variables.

Select and deselect variables  

Hint: Don’t just rely on the size of the objects in the chart to determine if it is similar to a previous chart you’ve made. The scale on the y-axis (on the left-hand side of the chart) may change depending on the variables you have selected. So, always re-check the scale used for your chart.

The unit of measure for the y-axis is determined by whether you have chosen to display a number or proportion using the button bar at the top of each chart.

Sorting table columns

Table columns with the arrow symbol are sortable. You can sort them in either ascending or descending order by clicking on the symbol.

Sorting table columns  

Exporting data

The Supplementary tables include all data and footnotes in a downloadable format. Open the tables by selecting the ‘Supplementary table’ links on each display page.

Exporting data  

For all exported data, please attribute the AIHW in the form specified by our copyright policy.

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