In 2016–17, counselling was the most common type of main treatment in New South Wales (42% of closed treatment episodes), followed by withdrawal management (17%), assessment only (15%), and support and case management only (11%) (Figure 3; Table ST.5). Other (9%) was the most common type of additional treatment followed by counselling (7%).

Over the 5 years to 2016–17, counselling remained the most common main treatment type for closed episodes in New South Wales, sharply increasing from 31% in 2015–16 to 42% 2016–17 (Table SE NSW.20). Over the same period, withdrawal management fell from 18% in 2012–13 to 14% in 2015–16, before rising to 17% in 2016–17 and overtaking assessment only as the second most common treatment type. Assessment only is now the third most common main treatment type in New South Wales, steadily decreasing since 2012–13 (22% to 15% in 2016–17). The proportion of episodes where counselling was a main treatment type is higher than the national average for the first time over the past five years (Table ST.2).

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