Tasmania only has the geographical classifications of Inner regional, Outer regional and Remote areas. In 2016–17, 63% of agencies were located in Inner regional areas, followed by Outer regional (38%) and Remote (<0.5%) areas (Figure 24; Table SA.3). In Inner regional and Outer regional areas, agencies were more likely to be non-government organisations (67%) than government organisations (33%), and located in Remote areas, all agencies were non‑government organisations. In the 5 years to 2016–17, the number of publicly funded treatment agencies in Tasmania rose from 17 to 24 (Table SA.1).

Note that remoteness categories are derived by applying a correspondence based on the agency’s Statistical Area level 2 code (SA2). Not all SA2 codes fit neatly within a single remoteness category, and a ratio is applied to reapportion each SA2 to the applicable remoteness categories. As a result, it is possible that the number of agencies in a particular remoteness category is not a whole number. After rounding, this can result in there being ‘<0.5%’ agencies in a remoteness area, due to the agency’s SA2 partially crossing into the remoteness area. See technical notes for further details.

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