• In Tasmania in 2004-05, 12 government-funded alcohol and other drug treatment agencies provided 1,921 'closed treatment episodes'.
  • Almost one-third (31%) of closed treatment episodes were for clients aged 20-29 years, and just over one-quarter (26%) were for clients aged 30-39 years.
  • Male clients accounted for 59% of all closed treatment episodes.
  • Alcohol and cannabis were the most common principal drugs of concern, each accounting for 31% of closed treatment episodes. Nicotine was the next most common principal drug of concern (17%), followed by amphetamines (10%) and opioids (9%, with morphine accounting for 6%).
  • Of all closed treatment episodes, counselling was the most common main treatment provided (63%), followed by information and education only (13%) and assessment only (8%).
  • Treatment episodes most commonly ceased because the treatment was completed (41%).