What has changed in this edition?

As of 2019, all states and territories have adopted a nationally consistent definition of out-of-home care which excludes children on third-party parental responsibility orders, children on immigration orders, young people aged 18 and over, and children in pre-adoptive placements from counts of children in out-of-home care.

Out-of-home care data for the 2018–19 reporting period are based on this nationally agreed definition and should not be compared with data for previous years or previously published out-of-home care data.

This change affects the latest year of data for the following indicators in this report:

  • NFPAC 0.2 – Out-of-home care
  • NFPAC 4.2/NOOHCS 1.1 – Placement stability
  • NFPAC 5.2/NOOHCS 3.1 – Placement of Indigenous children
  • NOOHCS 1.2 – Safety
  • NOOHCS 1.4 – Stability during the year
  • NOOHCS 9.1 – Kinship placement

For more information on the new definition of out-of-home care, see Child protection Australia 2018–19.