What has changed in this edition?

As of 2019, all states and territories have adopted a nationally consistent definition of out-of-home care which excludes children on third-party parental responsibility orders, children on immigration orders, young people aged 18 and over, and children in pre-adoptive placements from counts of children in out-of-home care.

Out-of-home care data from the 2018–19 reporting period onwards are based on this nationally agreed definition and, where possible, back cast to 2016–17. These should not be compared with data for previous years or previously published out-of-home care data.

This change affects the data for the following indicators in this report:

  • NFPAC 0.2 – Out-of-home care (2017 onwards)
  • NFPAC 4.2/NOOHCS 1.1 – Placement stability (2016–17 onwards)
  • NFPAC 5.2/NOOHCS 3.1 – Placement of Indigenous children (2017 onwards)
  • NOOHCS 1.2 – Safety (2018–19 onwards)
  • NOOHCS 1.4 – Stability during the year (2017 onwards)
  • NOOHCS 9.1 – Kinship placement (2017 onwards)

For more information on the definition of out-of-home care, see Child protection Australia 2018–19.