Who we are

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) is an independent statutory agency producing authoritative and accessible information and statistics to inform and support better policy and service delivery decisions, leading to better health and wellbeing for all Australians.

We publicly release over 200+ reports and data analyses annually covering over 75 health and welfare topics.

The AIHW has more than 30 years of experience working with health and welfare data. We are recognised both nationally and internationally for our statistical expertise and proven track record in providing high quality, independent evidence.

We are backed by numerous data holdings and unmatched knowledge of data and information related to the Australian health and welfare sectors.

Our governance arrangements are robust: we have strong privacy and confidentiality controls; our business processes and infrastructure are effective; and we have access to a network of government, research, and private sector collaborators from around Australia and overseas.

Our relationships

We work with a broad range of stakeholders—with some of our relationships dating back to our establishment in 1987. We convene or participate in around 100 committees with experts from many different subject areas, meaning we’re informed by contemporary best practice and a wide range of perspectives.

Our partners, collaborators and clients include international organisations, such as WHO and OECD; Australian and state and territory government agencies (including the Australian Bureau of Statistics); universities and research centres and non-government organisations; and health and welfare service providers and clinicians.

Our data

As a Commonwealth Integrating Authority we safely link data on a range of topics, offering new insights on how Australians interact with the health and welfare systems.

A person's circumstances are key drivers of their health and wellbeing. How they grow, live, work and age all have an effect—for better or worse.

At the AIHW, we use a ‘person-centred’ model for reporting data. This helps us better understand the relationships between these aspects of people's lives—also known as ‘social determinants’—and their health and wellbeing.

These different aspects of our lives are interconnected, with each having flow-on effects to others. This is why, in addition to reporting on more than 75 individual topics, the AIHW brings together data from across multiple topics to create new insights into the health and wellbeing of Australians.

Refer also to our Data linkage services for clients brochure (1.9MB PDF) that contains more information about the AIHW's data linkage services for clients.

Our products

We publicly release over 200+ reports and data analyses annually covering over 75 health and welfare topics.

We play a central role in developing performance indicators for national performance reporting in health, ageing, early childhood, education, housing and homelessness, disability care and closing the gap on Indigenous disadvantage.

We also manage large population based surveys including the National Drug Strategy Household Survey, the Australian National Infant Feeding Survey, the National Social Housing Survey and the National Prisoner Health Data Collection. ­We have also been custodians of the National Hospital Statistics databases for over 30 years.

Another example of our innovative work is Validata™, a time-saving online data receipt and validation product/tool developed at the Institute. Validata™ can quickly pick up anomalies and unlikely occurrences in supplied data, and is available to our data providers.

Our services

We offer a range of competitively-priced services, from data development through to analyses and data linkage—tailored to our clients’ needs for information and statistics.

We also offer a suite of products including brief and detailed reports, data visualisation tools and data downloads to meet the different needs of our audiences.

Our governance, privacy and confidentiality

We manage data professionally, with due respect for its sensitivity, and with privacy and confidentiality assured through legislation and robust data policies and procedures.  This includes use of rigorous controls to determine access and release arrangements; and the scrutiny of a legally-constituted and independent Ethics Committee.

As an information agency, we rely on our data governance arrangements to keep the trust of our many data providers, data recipients and other stakeholders.

As a Commonwealth Integrating Authority we safely link data on a range of topics, offering new insights on how Australians interact with the health and welfare systems.

The AIHW is bound by two sets of confidentiality and privacy requirements—those contained in the Privacy Act 1998 and those contained in section 29 of the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare Act 1987 (AIHW Act).

The Privacy Act establishes obligations on all private and public sector organisations for collecting, using or disclosing personal information.

Section 29 of the AIHW Act places very strong protections on the release of information concerning individuals and organisations. The AIHW cannot be forced to divulge such information, even by a court of law. The AIHW Act also recognises that AIHW must comply with written terms and conditions imposed by data providers.

Refer also to our Data Governance—in-brief brochure (1.7MB PDF) that contains more information about the AIHW's robust data governance arrangements.

Our people

We have around 450 highly skilled statistical, administrative and communications staff in Canberra, plus a small contingent in Sydney, with expertise in:

  • statistical analyses and data science
  • data development and management
  • data standards
  • social science
  • data linkage
  • communication
  • epidemiology
  • people-centred data
  • demography
  • economics
  • health and welfare systems
  • public sector administration.

Contact us

For further information on how we can provide products and services for your organisation, please phone the Institute on (02) 6244 1000 or email [email protected].

Customised data analysis

If you are looking for statistics that are not available in publications or supplementary tables, data cubes or data visualisations, we also offer a data request service. Customised tables can be provided, subject to data quality and confidentiality requirements, from a range of AIHW-held databases. Please note that a fee may apply for this service.

Our fees are based on standard Government cost recovery principles, and are highly competitive with other consulting and research organisations. We are always happy to discuss charges with potential clients.

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